Tap List

PALM BEACH PILZ- German Pilsner, Crisp clean light-medium body with a slight zesty aroma.

5.1 ABV, IBU 44


IPGA- American IPA, Medium bodied straight forward American IPA, with tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

6.2 ABV, IBU 67


FINN McCOOL- Irish Red Ale, Malty medium bodied ale with slight chocolate roasted notes, lightly filtered.

5.2 ABV, IBU 38


RASTA STOUT-English Stout, Malty roasty flavors with hints of espresso and mocha.

5.8 ABV, IBU 50


SERENITY SAISON- Farmhouse Ale, Straw colored, unfiltered traditional Saison with subtle fruitiness.

4.5 ABV, IBU 18                                                                                                                                                                                              


WATERMELON SAISON- Farmhouse Ale, Unfiltered slightly hazy with subtle fruitiness.

4.5 ABV, IBU 18                                                                                                                                                                                              


CHANCELLOR- German Kolsch, Crisp and refreshing with a light body.

5.2 ABV, IBU 22


LEROY BROWN JR.- Session Brown IPA, Light to medium bodied, slightly malty with roasty undertones and a delicious

4.8 ABV, IBU 80                                           American hop presence.


VIVA FRESA- Foudre Aged Saison, Slightly tart- funky brettanomyces saison with a 150 pounds of fresh strawberries.

5.2 ABV, IBU 20


QUADRALOOPY- Belgian Quad, Full body, deep mahogany in color with dark fruits and tart cherries.

11.5 ABV, IBU 52                                     Foudre aged with aromas of banana, nutmeg, and wood notes.


TROPICAL MONK- Belgian IPA, Deep copper Belgian IPA brewed with Cashmere hops providing a citrus spice

6.1 ABV, IBU 76                                       hop bomb.



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